Liquid atomization is a technical and academic field affiliated with a wide range of interdisciplinary fields such as machinery, chemistry, aerospace, pharmacy, medicine, atomic energy, agricultural spraying, and granulation of solid particles. It serves as an important role in engineering and industrial application. Particularly, in recent years, the further advancement of liquid atomization has become a more important role in the fields of energies and environmental health.

However, in spite of the technology of atomization being applied in a wide range of industrial fields, in most of the cases it has been regarded as a secondary subject with the exception of some enterprises. The current status is that procurement of technological information has been barely achieved. Due to the difference in characteristics of atomization in each applied field, currently, trial-and-error methods are being practiced to solve issues of concern.

This Institute was founded in August 1991 as a new organization for the purpose of progress of research in liquid atomization and spray systems and for contribution to development of its industry, universities and government offices. Thus, the purpose of this Institute is to promote the scientific technology of liquid atomization and spray systems. Ever since, various programs have been actively held such as exchange of information in the journal published by this Institute, symposium and short course on atomization technology.

This Institute will serve as a stimulus for researchers and engineers in various fields to acknowledge each other based on the common theme “atomization” and cultivate resources that can contribute to industries and other applicable fields. This Institute is committed to contribute to atomization research industrial development and to continue the activities going forward into the 21st century.

This Institute would appreciate your understanding of our commitment and your joining. Furthermore, this Institute would be looking forward to your role in leadership and support for the activities of the Institute.